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Sweden moves towards terrestrial digital radio

The Swedish government has taken steps towards making the transition from FM broadcasting to terrestrial digital radio in a bill proposed on 19 June.

The government’s new charter states that it wants to appoint an official coordinator to work with the radio industry to ensure that technical and market criteria are in place for the new system.

The European Broadcasting Union and member broadcaster Sveriges radio (SR) applaud this move, which they say will help secure the future of public radio in Sweden.

SR’s director general Cilla Benkö said she was pleased with the safeguards towards the independence, development and long-term stability of Swedish radio. “The bill presented shows that the government acknowledges the importance of public service and SR’s role in Swedish society.”

She added that more investment is needed to secure the success of digital radio in Sweden, saying that on top of the budget set aside to manage the transition, more will be needed for radio stations to make internal technical adjustments required to maintain the quality of the broadcasts.