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Russian rights-holders plan a new anti-piracy body

Russian television and film production companies have announced plans to set up a new organisation to combat online piracy.

“We are planning to set up an organisation where all copyright holders will be represented to deal with this issue in a comprehensive and system-wise manner,” said Alexander Akopov president of Amedia, Russia’s leading TV production company and chairman of the Film and Television Producers Association.

Akopov said the organisation would be joined by television stations as the holders of copyright to a significant part of the content, producers of films and TV serials, and legal net resources posting videos on the Internet.

The initiative follows the July 3rd signing by President Vladimir Putin of a law on that protects the holders of copyright on the Internet. Operators will have the right to block websites illegally posting feature, or TV films, or links to them. If content is pirated, the copyright holder will have the right to file a complaint to a court.