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NHK’s ‘Giant Squid’ to be aired by the BBC

NHK documentary Legends of the Deep: Giant Squid will be broadcast by BBC2 on July 13 in a Natural World special titled ‘Giant Squid: Filming the Impossible’.

The documentary is an NHK/NEP/Discovery US co-production in association with ZDF and ARTE, about the largest-ever international quest to capture the legendary giant squid on film in its natural habitat.

A team of scientist and crews from NHK and Discovery US deployed state-of–the–art submersibles and filming gear on about 100 dives off Japan’s Ogasawara Islands and finally succeeded in filming the creature, after 10 years of research and investigation by NHK.

NHK Enterprises Executive Producer Hiromichi Iwasaki said,” We’re thrilled the BBC has decided to air Legends of the Deep: Giant Squid. The Natural World team are highly selective about content, so we’re honoured they chose our program. The encounter with the giant squid was a really magical moment for everyone involved. We hope to share the excitement with viewers around the world.”