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Six chosen for inaugural 1Asia co-production scheme

Judges have chosen six submissions to undertake co-productions between ABU members and Japanese program producers under the new 1Asia banner.

The scheme is a joint initiative between the ABU and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan to encourage co-production and collaboration between Asian broadcasters and producers.

The six ABU members are: Metro TV-Indonesia, TV3-Malaysia, TRT-Turkey, PTV-Philippines, MNB-Mongolia and the Forever Group of Myanmar.

ABU’s Director of Programming Mr Takeshi Doki says the judges received entries from 13 ABU members and selection was based on proposals, experience and other elements including input from their Japanese partners.

The 1Asia Project aims to generate sustainable relationships between broadcasters, promote cross-border transactions to increase sharing of Asian content, create opportunities for capacity building between countries with varying levels of know-how and forge business networks within Asia in the spirit of building a single content market.

It is also an opportunity to discover a variety of resources in the different regions of Japan by working in collaboration with local companies and municipalities.

Submissions had to be compelling proposals from ABU broadcasters showcasing Asia’s synergy to co-produce with Japanese regional broadcasters and production companies, of any genre. Proposals had to contain cross-cultural themes promoting both ABU partner countries and Japan. Co-production assistance and subsidies are offered and only one submission per organisation was allowed.

There will now be a match-making session in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, between the successful applicants and their regional Japanese counterparts, followed by in-country assistance and filming and editing.

Final production should be completed by early 2014, with transmission of all programs at the respective ABU members’ stations by the beginning of March, 2014.