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KBS’s Super Fish gets IMAX 3D release

Korean Broadcasting System’s (KBS) award-winning documentary Super Fish opened for cinematic release in theatres in Seoul this week.

Acclaimed for its spectacular visual style, Super Fish captures the perpetual conflicts and bonds between human and fish. The film examines how catching, cultivating, and the storage of fish drove the expansion of trade routes from Europe to Asia, taking an interesting perspective on an everyday dietary staple.

The documentary has been recognised for adopting state-of-the-art techniques like time-slice photography and underwater high-speed and high-definition filming. The WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival awarded it the Platinum Remi in the 2013 TV Series Documentary category.

For cinematic release, Super Fish was renamed “Super Fish – Endless Journey,” and reformatted for IMAX 3D to maximize the scale of the spectacle.