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4K starts in Korea

Korea Cable Television & Telecommunications Association (KCTA) has just launched its pilot 4K channel in South Korea, six months ahead of its original schedule, giving its display manufacturers Ultra HD content to showcase.

At this stage, the tests are going to just 6 households, each being equipped already with super-fast fibre-optic cable. The local Cable TV & Telecommunications Association and LG are behind the trial. LG is said to be sponsoring the tests.

Korean web-site ET News says: “The domestic cable TV industry initially planned to begin pilot U-HD broadcasts early next year, but decided to advance the pilot run date by 6 months with a view to commercializing U-HD broadcasts at an earlier date. As a result, the commercialisation of UHD broadcasts will be advanced from 2015 to 2014.”

None of the existing broadcasting standards can provide the bandwidth to handle native 4K content. Unlike the Japan communication ministry which is combining satellite and terrestrial channels to broadcast in 4K, KCTA is using only cable TV transmission.