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Sony releases 5 more ‘mastered in 4K’ Blu-ray titles

Sony has unveiled five new ‘mastered in 4K’ Blu-ray films which it claims are optimized for ultra-high definition TVs.

According to CNET Asia, the titles include Godzilla, Men in Black, Moneyball, Spider-Man 2 and Pineapple Express, which are all mastered from 4K (UHD) sources, but resized to 1080p resolution.

Compared with regular Blu-ray discs, these special editions also employ a higher bitrate and xvYCC wide colour gamut to output better image quality. According to movie review site, there is a subtle improvement in clarity and colour reproduction, though this comes at the expense of no bonus material.

10 other ‘mastered in 4K’ titles have been previously released, including Ghostbusters, Total Recall and The Karate Kid. Without an open standard to broadcast and distribute 4K content, Sony has gone as far as making a special 4K player for its UHD TVs. However, the device is currently available only in the US.