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Regional media leaders to tackle climate change and handling disasters

ABU is organising for media leaders in the Asia-Pacific to meet next year to hammer out solutions to some of the complex problems surrounding the environment, climate change and major disasters.

The summit planned for April 2014 in Jakarta is being spearheaded by the ABU, the International Telecommunication Union and the Government of Indonesia.

ABU’s local partner, the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT), says the summit should attract delegates from media industries, governments and non-government agencies and the information, communications and technology sectors.

It will work towards creating greater awareness on climate change, disaster risk reduction and other environmental issues, their impact on the environment and preparing the public responses.

“With new possibilities opened up by advanced technologies, especially in the way information is delivered to people, we need to address their impact on the environment, how they can be effectively used to address environmental issues, climate change, disaster risk reduction and mitigation efforts,” said Mr Freddy H. Tulung, Director General of Information and Public Communication for the MCIT.

“We believe that the summit will provide a platform for all the stakeholders to come together in addressing this important and crucial issue. We welcome all International and local organisations to join us in this noble cause to make this a productive and successful summit,” he added.

ABU Secretary-General Dr Javad Mottaghi says the Union has been at the forefront of activities aimed at environmental protection, educating and preparing the public for impending disasters, advocating on the importance of early warning systems and also providing relief communication facilities in post-disaster situations.