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ABU invites members to enter documentary contest on climate change in the Himalayas

The ABU and UNESCO have partnered on a documentary competition for ABU Members on the world implications of climate change affecting the Himalayas ecosystem.

The ABU-UNESCO Climate Change Documentary Contest is open to documentary filmmakers aged between 18 and 40 from ABU member organisations in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar, Nepal and Pakistan. The outcome will be a series of short documentaries focusing on the risks, challenges and solutions of climate change-related issues in the Himalayan region.

The contest will be held in two stages. In the first, up to 16 filmmakers from the eight countries will be shortlisted on the basis of their film proposals. Shortlisted filmmakers will be invited to a workshop to further develop their proposals under mentoring and put their ideas into practice. 

In the second stage, an international jury will consider the films for the ABU-UNESCO Climate Change Documentary Award. Winning filmmakers will be invited to the ABU General Assembly 2014, which marks the 50th anniversary of the Union. .

The documentaries will be widely distributed and broadcast internationally and will be entered into the documentary bank of UNESCO and UNEP.

Applications must be made in keeping with the Entry Guidelines and submitted to Ms Natalia Ilieva at by 15 September 2013.

Entry guidelines can be found here.