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Channel News Asia unveils plans to mark Singapore’s 50 years of independence

In preparation for Singapore’s 50th anniversary of independence in 2015, Channel News Asia (CNA) revealed plans to develop home-grown documentaries to celebrate ‘The Singapore Story’.

With the support of the Media Development Authority, the channel will commission, produce and outsource more than 30 hours of documentaries from 2014, for a period of three years.

CNA Managing Director Debra Soon says, “We are embarking on one of the biggest ventures over the next few years, to produce top notch documentaries to tell the Singapore story. We want to encourage the industry to think of new ways to reach new audiences, in a new age.

“MediaCorp is committed to developing the creative industry in Singapore and we believe that this project will be a significant boost to developing understanding of what makes Singapore unique, what makes it tick and who Singaporeans are. Leveraging on the unique platform of Channel NewsAsia, these documentaries will have a reach all over Asia,” she added.

Apart from the outsourced documentaries, CNA also announced a line-up of its own documentaries capturing interesting historical details and iconic moments that shaped the nation.