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India calls on its MSME sector to see digitization as opportunity for growth

India’s Minister for Information & Broadcasting, Manish Tewari said that the country’s digitization process provided opportunities for the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Sector to develop and grow.

Speaking at a New Media Education symposium, Tewari highlighted the country’s conversion to digital broadcasting as an ideal opportunity for growth. He said that while 30 million TV Set Top Boxes had been installed in Phase I and II, 80 million remained to be installed during Phases III and IV, providing the industry the opportunity to build a vibrant model for the future leading to better subscriber revenues, lower carriage fees and sustainable revenue models for the Broadcasting Sector.

Tewari called on the Ministry of MSME and Industry to put in place policies and incentive structure to enable the country’s manufacturers to take advantage of this unique business opportunity, Media Mughals reports.