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NHK unveils its Hybridcast Service

Japanese public broadcaster NHK has announced it will commence a new ‘Hybridcast’ service this September featuring collaborative operations between broadcasting and communications.

Starting on 2 September, the service will be available via the existing terrestrial platform, by connecting Hybridcast -enabled TV to the Internet.

The Hybridcast Home Screen is the first phase of the service that will be introduced in September. This enables the display of breaking news, weather forecasts, sports information, exchange rates as well as other information. NHK expects the service to be used for audience participation in quiz programmes and for releasing supplementary programme related information such as additional videos, commentary and facts.   

Later in the year, NHK plans to release more features, including program information, pay-per-view and on demand services. The broadcaster is also considering adding features which will allow collaboration between the TV and tablet terminals via a dedicated app.