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53rd ABU Sports Group Conference and Associated Meetings


Hanoi, Vietnam, 23-­24 October 2013


We are pleased to invite you and your organisation to our 53rd ABU Sports Group Meetings to be held in Hanoi, Vietnam from 23– 24 October 2013 hosted this year by VTV and VOV, the national broadcasters of Vietnam.

You will note that for this meeting, we are going to be focused very specifically on ABU activities and issues. Given the short duration of the Sports Group Meeting we will be open to ABU Sports Group Full, Additional Full and Associate members only.


The theme for 53rd ABU Sports Group Meeting is “The Challenges and Opportunities in Media Rights Acquisition”. This is a follow up discussion on the steps made by the Sports Group Members at our last meeting in Bali, and is complimentary to the overall theme of this year’s General Assembly. By committing to bid for major events through the ABU, members made a strong statement to Broadcast Rights marketers that we are serious about making regional deals that benefit all parties. However, are we all on the same page? Do we all have the same agenda? How can we resolve local differences and neutralise local competition? All these questions need to be asked and answered in Hanoi.


The ABU Broadcast Rights Committee and the Sports Group Finance Committee will meet on the afternoon of 22nd October and the Sports Group Meeting will be held on 23rd October and the morning of the 24th. The afternoon of the 24th will be devoted to unilateral meetings between members and the ABU production Group.

The online registration is now open on the ABU website at Please click on the 50th ABU General Assembly link for registration to participate at the sports group meeting. Please take note on the 16 September 2013 deadline for the registration as well as hotel bookings and visa applications.

Looking forward to your participation at the ABU Sports Group Meetings. Information on meeting for download
Draft Schedule of Meetings