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EUROVISION rolls out future-proof satellite upgrade

The European Broadcasting Union’s EUROVISION program distribution system has rolled out its largest, most advanced satellite contribution multiplex platform to Asia. 

The EBU says that as a “future-proof upgrade” to its global satellite network, the new.

Hypermux went live in the Asia and Americas segments of the EUROVISION network.

It is a unique, EBU-designed solution that significantly boosts network efficiency, flexibility and security. EUROVISION is due to roll out Hypermux to the European footprint of the network in coming months.

EBU Network Director Graham Warren says Hypermux is far ahead of any other multiplex solution in today’s satellite broadcast industry, and will benefit all EUROVISION network stakeholders.

“Not only does Hypermux increase the amount of content we can carry, but it does so in a more efficient and secure way,” he says. “Hypermux is also more resistant to satellite interference and it simplifies the set-up arrangements for the customer while handling all types of video and data.”

Project Architect, Puiu Dolea, says: “Hypermux is an extremely versatile platform able to simultaneously handle both data transmissions and video, from SD to 4K. It can seamlessly adapt at very short notice to changing client requirements and yet it is much easier to operate.”

Hypermux will also benefit from EUROVISION’s extensive disaster recovery capabilities, with fully backed-up hub facilities in various locations.