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KBS presents Golden Oldies special in Germany

To mark the 130th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and Germany and the 50thanniversary of Korean worker migration to Germany, the country’s public broadcaster KBS produced a special edition of its longest running programs, Golden Oldies, in Bochum, Germany.  

The idea of staging such a show came about via a letter received by KBS from an association of Korean miners and nurses who made up the first generation of Korean immigrants to Germany, asking that Golden Oldies film a show in Germany.

In a moving and fitting gesture, the Korean Nurses Choir opened the show in Germany earlier this month. An audience of around 3,000 enjoyed the performances of as many as 100 artists.

The special was broadcast on the 12th and 19th of August in Korea. KBS has said it will also air on the broadcaster’s international service, KBS World, in due course.

Golden Oldies, debuting in 1985, is a musical entertainment program featuring unforgettable old tunes.