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Dolby Surround sound features in the Samsung Galaxy Tab® 3 series

Dolby Laboratories have announced their technology has been incorporated in the Galaxy Tab® 3 series 8 inch and 10.1 inch tablets, saying it “dramatically enhances audio quality, delivering dynamic sound, crystal-clear dialogue, and consistent volume levels”.

John Couling, Senior Vice President for the E-Media Business Group at Dolby Laboratories, says the technologies “expand the possibilities of mobile entertainment, allowing people to enjoy a richer audio experience on the go”.

He says research conducted by Parks Associates in the United States, France, Germany, China and South Korea concluded that sound quality was an essential element for mobile consumers as they watch movies and TV shows. Audio quality on tablets and smartphones was a purchase consideration for more than 70 percent of smartphone owners in these countries.

John Barrett, Research Director of Parks Associates, says that more than ever, consumers were spending more time watching content on their mobile devices. “Sound quality is important to them—especially those watching full-length movies and TV shows,” he says.