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Philips launches Cloud TV app

Philips is launching a Cloud TV app that gives access to hundreds of TV channels and Cloud Explorer to store personal media.

The Cloud TV app is an over-the-top service, which will give access to hundreds of TV channels, which people can search and sort by favourite and themes.

Cloud TV offers both free-to-view and premium channels, local, national and international channels as well as niche and special interest channels.

“We have seamlessly integrated cloud services into our Philips Smart TV platform. Users can now benefit from an even wider selection of TV services and overcome the selected choice of cable TV services,” according to Albert Mombarg, head of Smart TV at Phillips.

Cloud Explorer is a storage solution for personal homes videos, music and pictures. The media will be stored in the cloud (on Dropbox) and can be accessed on the big screen as well as easily shared with others.

Cloud Explorer is available now via dedicated apps in Europe as well as in Russia.