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Making sense of a fragmenting media world

Several of the Asia-Pacific’s most senior media CEOs will lead the Super Panel Session at this year’s ABU General Assembly in Hanoi.

The session on the morning of Tuesday 29 October 2013 will explore “Cutting-edge content: Opportunities and Challenges in a Fragmented Digital World”. 

Organisers say session participants will be confronted with many important questions such as: who will control the airwaves in a world of continually expanding platforms, where will the content come from and how can it be funded?

“The ABU is especially interested in the how public broadcasting can survive and thrive in the face of fierce competition from new entrants and the proliferation of platforms,” they say.

“As the world’s most extensive broadcaster organisation, with more than 255 members spread across the region and around the world, the ABU can bring together the best minds in broadcasting to tackle these critical issues.”

The panel of Asia-Pacific media leaders will discuss how to transform the challenges of broadcasting in a fragmenting media world into opportunities and what are strategies to secure the future of broadcasting organisations. It will also bring to the forum issues such as universal versus local content and whether partnerships can be a key for successful adaptation to the technical evolution in media.

The panel will be moderated by Shaun Seow, CEO of MediaCorp, Singapore, and will include Mr Ibrahim Sahin, Director- General of TRT, Turkey, Mr Gil Hwan-young, President & CEO of Korean Broadcasting System, Mr Jun Ogawa, Director, TBS Tokyo, Tevita Gonelevu, CEO, Fiji Television Limited and Mr Tran Binh Minh, President of Vietnam TV.