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Russia moves against piracy

Russia’s leading online movie services have joined forces in a bid to fight piracy in the marketplace.

According to Comnews and AKTR, a total of 11 companies have created a new, non-profit organisation named Internet-Video.

Its chairman Oleg Rumyantsev said that the new body is applying the recently passed Anti-Piracy Law and is preparing a portal that will provide information as to where legitimate videos can be accessed.

Rumyantsev also stressed that Internet-Video would engage in constructive dialogue with relevant ministries and wants to be heard on important issues on the development of the internet industry.

Meanwhile, Yegor Yakovlev, deputy chairman of the supervisory board, said that legal portals currently account for only around 10 per cent  of the market in Russia.

Internet-Video will be able to shape future developments in the internet sector, which will be accessed by 100 million Russians by 2018, Broadband TV News reports.