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NHK science show receives a Thai make-over

Thai teenagers are to get their own version of the popular Japanese science program “The New Anatomy Show”.

NHK Enterprises (NEP) have signed a deal with Thai multimedia corporation MCOT to license the NHK science-entertainment show’s format.

ABU members MCOT and NEP will develop the format for teenagers, then the one-hour Thai version will be aired weekly in prime time on MCOT’s free-to-air terrestrial channel Modernine from January 2014.

MCOT says “The New Anatomy Show” offers a glimpse into the familiar yet miraculous world of the human body using experiments and witty dialogue to answer questions such as: “Why do our hands get sweaty when we’re nervous?” and “Are yawns really infectious?”

The show was a big hit in Japan when it aired from 2007 to 2009 on NHK’s main channel, General TV.

MCOT President, Dr Anek Permvongseni, said: “We’re thrilled to be able to collaborate with NHK Enterprises on “The New Anatomy Show” which is a high-quality edutainment program. I am confident that the success of this program will strengthen Modernine’s line-up, especially for the teenage audience.”

NEP’s Senior Corporate Officer for International Sales, Fumio Narashima, said: “I’m happy we’re going ahead after three years of negotiations. I’m looking forward to seeing how young audiences in Thailand enjoy our program.”