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ABU Programming Committee focuses on trust as key issue

Asia-Pacific broadcasters are being told that their audiences’ trust, once damaged, can be very difficult to rebuild.

The advice comes from Vietnam TV executive Ta Thi Bich Loan, who will remind the region’s broadcasting industry leaders that trust is a fundamental building block of any media brand.

She will tell the ABU’s 50th Anniversary General Assembly and conference in Hanoi this month that trust must be treated as precious, highly valued and a treasured media organisational trait. 

“It must be viewed as if it were an egg that could – when treated roughly – shatter,” Ms Loan says. “Trust can take a long time to build, but can be destroyed by a single action or misconception.”

The discussion will be part of the annual meeting of the ABU Programme Committee that precedes the Union’s General Assembly in Hanoi. The pre-GA meetings, workshops and seminars will start on Wednesday 23 October, with the General Assembly itself is on 28-29 October.

While much of the Programme Committee’s one-and-a-half days of discussions will involve reporting and reviewing existing projects and planning for new initiatives, there will be two major Expert Dialogue Panel sessions that ABU Programme Director Takeshi Doki says will help to invigorate radio, TV and online content issues for Asia-Pacific audiences.

“This year’s Expert Dialogue Panel focuses on the new relationship between new technologies and audiences,” he says. “How we can serve our audience in the Digital Era?”

Before the session on “Trust Building in the Digital Era”, experts and other industry leaders will discuss “Understanding the Digital Media Environment”, looking at ultra hi-definition televisions, smart TVs, podcasts, hybrid radio and “other fast evolving media technologies have introduced new dimensions to today’s media”.