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ABU GA – Members Stories highlight ways of meeting broadcast challenges

TV quality control, student documentaries, sign language and program ratings – this was the range of topics for Members Stories at this year’s ABU General Assembly in Hanoi.

The session on 28 October 2013 showcased some of the special challenges ABU members had overcome in making programs during the year.

Ms Jingwei Dong of China Central Television gave a presentation on a TV program technical quality control assurance system for a file-based work flow, while Mr Tamjidi Mohammad of IRIB University, Iran, highlighted the use of modern technology by production students for shooting challenging documentaries.

For NHK, Japan, Mr Toshi Ikemitsu gave a visual demonstration on how animation technology was being used to translate news into sign language for the hearing impaired, and Mrs Nimet Ersin of TRT focused on a new television rating system that allowed the Turkish national broadcaster to get an estimate ratings report on a particular program as it was being broadcast.

ABU Secretary-General Dr Javad Mottaghi said the presentations were an opportunity for members to share the best of their television or radio programming.

The Members’ Stories session featured a selection of short video or audio segments for delegates to share and learn from. 

“We were looking for stories that were innovative in their concept or method of telling and that involved some risk in their production that either worked or taught something important,” he said.

A senior colleague in each organisation gave a short introduction to the excerpt explaining the most important element and the major lesson learned from its production or broadcast.