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ABU GA – Inspiring story of Paralympians wins 2013 ABU Special Jury Prize

A documentary about Paralympic athletes, by a New Zealand company dedicated to making programs about the disabled, has won the 2013 ABU Special Jury Prize for television at the Union’s annual ABU Prizes ceremony.

Black and White, a Paralympics story that documents young disabled athletes following their Olympic dreams, was described by ABU Secretary-General Dr Javad Mottaghi as a truly uplifting story.

“It demonstrated the true worth of television as a medium,” he said. “It showed that dedicated people with a strong story to tell can move us all.”

The producers, Attitude Pictures, say they are the world’s leading provider of television and film content about people who live with disability. 

“We’re storytellers, aiming to inspire the world to be more inclusive through our commitment and insight,” they say. “Many on our team live with a disability. We’re challenging stereotypes and broadening views.”

The winner of the ABU Special Jury Prize for Radio was “Hot Radio”, by Voice of Vietnam. 

A record 266 entries were received this year in the 13 TV and radio categories of the ABU Prizes, 159 for television and 107 in radio, 50 per cent more than last year.

The full list of winners and commended entries can be found here.