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ABU General Assembly most international in ABU history

Broadcasters and media companies from a record number of countries are attending the 50th ABU General Assembly in Vietnam.

Acting President Mr Naoji Ono told a media conference on the eve of the General Assembly: “I’m proud to announce that this year’s conference becomes the largest ever in ABU history.  The number of countries and regions that our delegates represent stands at 54, hitting a record high.”

Mr Ono, who is Executive Vice President of NHK in Japan, said professionals from a record 150-plus broadcasters and media companies from across the Asia-Pacific region belong to the ABU.  

“Our members spread over half the surface of the globe,” he said.  “More than 3.5 billion people, almost half the world’s population, can watch the programs we produce. 

“Our members are diverse in geography, in history, and in culture.  We are different, but that is strength. Members of different backgrounds gather once a year to discuss the challenges broadcasters face. The responsibility is big, but so are the opportunities.

Mr Ono thanked host broadcaster, Vietnam Television, for organising the assembly, the second held in Vietnam.

“VTV and our other members in Vietnam have been active and committed to our activities for years,” he said. “In August, I was impressed with all the brilliant young minds who took part in ABU flagship Robocon event in Da Nang.

“In July, our colleagues from the Voice of Vietnam hosted the RadioAsia Conference in Hanoi.  The gathering re-affirmed the power of radio and ever-lasting value the medium has throughout the region.”

Mr Ono said he was looking forward to a ceremony in the Daewoo Hotel to honour the recipients of the ABU Prizes for TV and radio. More than 260 programs from more than 20 countries and regions had been entered and the ceremony would be broadcast live by VTV.