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BBC officially launches its Academy website

This week the BBC launched its new BBC Academy website, a centre for training and development, which brings together content across journalism, production, technology and leadership and makes it available free to audiences in the UK.

The launch also heralds the new College of Technology, representing the BBC’s area of specialism in this area.

The new website can be accessed via a PC, mobile or tablet and includes films and training content, advice and best practice, case studies, social media, blogs and podcasts as well as contributions from voices outside the BBC, reflecting the wider industry.

There are 27 foreign language sites including Chinese, Hausa, Arabic, Persian and Russian, through the College of Journalism’s international presence, which share BBC journalistic best practice with journalists all over the world.

The newly launched College of Technology aims to share best practice in broadcast technology, software engineering, product management, and user experience and design.

Academy Director Anne Morrison says: “Nowhere else will you find this level of experience and expertise on display, free for everyone to use. Whether you’re an aspiring journalism trainee or you’re a veteran comedy producer who wants to know about a different area of production, there is something of real interest for you here. Training is one of the key reasons that people come to the BBC and it’s a key reason they stay. We also play a distinctive and necessary role in training the industry.”