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NHK sends Discover Science to South Africa

NHK Enterprises (NEP) and South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) have signed a deal to provide its scientific entertainment series Discover Science, to South Africa.

Discover Science explores scientific theories through different experiments. The 52×14-minute show’s first season was co-produced by NHK/NHK Educational Corporation and Al Jazeera’s Children’s Channel.

The second season was a collaboration between Germany’s SWR, South Korea’s EBS and Malaysia’s SJRTV.

Jacqui Hlongwane, acting program manager of SABC 2 said the broadcaster was very pleased with the deal.

“NHK is well known the world over for their quality productions of educational programs and Discover Science is an excellent example of the power and ability television has to educate young people in a fun and entertaining way. We hope that this show will assist in rekindling the interest of science amongst young people in South Africa and demystify the notion that science is difficult and only for the elite and the super intelligent.”