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Two industry studies show big returns from radio advertising

Two studies from the UK and Australia give new insights into the effectiveness of radio advertising.

Asia Radio Today reports that Britain’s Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) found that radio delivered a highly engaged audience who were the most receptive to advertising messages, and most likely to take action in response to advertising.

Brands using radio got their money back nearly eight times over on average, and in many sectors, radio offered the best ROI of any media.

When radio was used in conjunction with other media, such as online, radio enhanced the advertising environment and improved the likelihood of response.

Radio also offered the most cost effective opportunity to reach consumers in a positive frame of mind when they are more receptive to advertising messages.

Separate research, conducted by industry body Commercial Radio Australia, also found that radio audiences are more open to advertising than those consuming any other media. 

Data suggests that radio advertising positively and significantly influences search and buying among listeners.

Similarly, it found that relative to other media, when people listen to radio, they are more likely to be in a positive mood which enhances their receptiveness to advertising.

The main findings of the Australian research were presented at last month’s National Radio Conference. The full report will be released early next year.