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ABU regional workshop on OTT and hybrid technologies for broadcasters

More than 50 technical professionals from throughout Asia attended a special three-day ABU regional workshop in Kuala Lumpur on OTT and hybrid technologies for broadcasters.

Jointly organised by the ABU and Tun Abdul Razak Broadcast and Information Institute (IPPTAR), the workshop from 19-21 November introduced Over-the-Top (OTT) and Hybrid technologies and provided in-depth and practical knowledge on how broadcasters can utilise these platforms to increase their reach to customers.

It provided information and know-how on tools and techniques that can be employed by broadcasters to provide their content online using the most cost-effective methods and platforms. Participants shared experiences on how broadcasters and service providers currently running similar platforms go about providing content online and how to repurpose their available content for these platforms. They also looked at integrated hybrid broadcast broadband technologies and what benefits broadcasters as well as viewers can gain from the various hybrid technologies currently available in the market.

Attendees came from broadcasters and other media organisations in Sri Lanka, Brunei, Mauritius, Maldives, Turkey, Singapore, Myanmar and Malaysia, and the event was supported by industry partners including Amazon Web Services, Conax, Fraunhofer IIS, NHK, MBC and Whiteways Systems.