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Doctor Who 50th anniversary program sets Guinness World Record

The special 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who has set the Guinness World Record for the largest ever simulcast of a TV drama, having aired in 94 countries across six continents, in 15 languages.

In addition to the linear broadcast, “The Day of the Doctor” episode screened in more than 1,500 cinemas worldwide. More than half a million tickets were sold for the theatrical screenings, which allowed for viewing in 3D.

Tim Davie, the CEO of BBC Worldwide, said: “We knew we were attempting something unprecedented in broadcast history, not only because Doctor Who is a drama, unlike a live feed event such as a World Cup football match or a Royal Wedding, but because we had to deliver the episode in advance to the four corners of the world so that it could be dubbed and subtitled into 15 different languages. If there was any doubt that Doctor Who is one of the world’s biggest TV shows, this award should put that argument to rest—and how fitting for it to receive such an accolade in its 50th year.” 

Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary episode averaged 10.2 million viewers in the U.K. and peaked at 10.61 million viewers on BBC One, according to preliminary ratings.