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Australia’s SBS plans a multi-channel FIFA World Cup

Australian public broadcaster SBS plans to leverage its exclusive broadcast rights to the 2014 FIFA World Cup across all platforms through the creation of an exclusive app that will stream live content from all angles and drive social media integration.

Mumbrella reports that SBS will also launch an exclusive radio station broadcasting coverage of the event from Brazil as it has for the first time secured all broadcast rights.

Andrew Cook, director of media sales for SBS, said the app will allow users to live stream the game from different camera angles, download content and use a social media component to publicise World Cup related events.

SBS also plans to use its streaming service SBS On Demand player to launch several TV series online in full as the first episode is aired on TV.

Cook said the approach allows users to “skim and binge” on content at their choosing has increased audiences already for the network, having trialled it for the relaunched SBS2 in April.

“For us it drives social media and engagement and gets people talking about our content, and we’ve seen upwards of 30 per cent audience increase in eyeballs across various shows that we’re trialling this on,” he told Mumbrella.

“Given the size and scale of SBS, it’s another way to drive people to our player and get them to recognise and get to know what kind of content we have got and it’s absolutely been a great success and we’ll continue to lead that space.”