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EBU upgrades global fibre network

European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has signalled it will modernise and upgrade its global fibre network to enable new and additional video and data services.

The EBU operates EUROVISION, claimed to be the media industry’s premier distributor and producer of live sport and news, as well as entertainment, culture and music content. EUROVISION and sister offering EURORADIO, satellite and fibre network is said to be the largest and most reliable in the world directly plugged in to public service media everywhere.

“EBU will modernise the network to serve broadcasters with new and additional video and data services,” said Fredrik Tumegård, CEO of Net Insight, the provider EBU tapped for the upgrade. “We support the EBU fully in its objective to adapt its network infrastructure to stay cost-efficient and flexible with guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS),” he added.