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Singapore and Malaysia sign licensing pact for two hit animations

MediaCorp has signed an international licensing agreement with Malaysia’s Animasia that sees two soccer-themed series airing on MediaCorp Suria, a free-TV Bahasa Melayu channel in Singapore.

Supa Strikas, which contains 39 episodes, began broadcasting on Suria on November 29 and will continue to air until August 15. Bola Kampung the Movie will debut on the network on Friday, June 6, days before the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Zakiah Halim, the senior VP of MediaCorp’s Malay broadcast division, remarked: “With World Cup happening in 2014, we anticipate the football fever to hit almost everyone. Suria is delighted to collaborate with Animasia to offer our young viewers something that might just thrill them—football-centered animations, Super Strikas and Bola Kampung the Movie, on Singapore’s free-to-air Malay channel. These timely programs hope to create more football buzz and promote good sportsmanship spirit.”

Raye Lee, the executive director of Animasia Studios, added: “Animasia has had a successful working relationship with MediaCorp over the years and after five seasons of Bola Kampung and Bola Kampung Extreme. We are happy to announce the release of Bola Kampung the Movie for our Singaporean fans.”