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ABU RadioAsia 2014 dates confirmed

Asia Pacific’s key radio industry event – ABU RadioAsia 2014 – will take place from 22-24 May in Colombo, Sri Lanka and for the first time it will also include the second edition of the ABU Radio Song Festival Gala, on 24 May.

The 2014 conference, hosted by ABU Member Capital Maharaja Organisation, will highlight the importance and creativity of radio programming and content in satisfying listener expectations in the knowledge society on all relevant technological platforms.

ABU Senior Officer Vijay Sadhu says radio programmers and executives from across the commercial and public service broadcasting spectrum will share exciting new ideas that are enabling radio to continue to re-invent itself to meet the challenges of a changing audience environment. 

“Sri Lanka, where RadioAsia2014 is to be hosted, has an illustrious history in radio broadcasting, being home to one of the oldest radio stations in Asia,” she says. “It is fitting that the 10th annual forum for Asian radio broadcasters, RadioAsia2014, should be held in Colombo.”

She says that over the years, radio has played a key role in rapidly bringing a wide range of current information and local and global news to its listeners, recognised as a hallmark feature of the medium.

“In the ‘Knowledge Society’, where the Internet has become a key tool in disseminating information, radio remains an effective, relatively low-cost platform providing a range of content to diverse audiences,” Mrs Sadhu says.

“While new ways of accessing radio are growing, at the end of the day, the expression ‘content is king and technology is queen’ remains a truism.”

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