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Measat & Globecast partner to bring Mezzo Live HD to the Asia Pacific

Music channel Mezzo Live HD Asia will soon be available in the Asia-Pacific region for the first time.

ABU Members Globecast, and Measat Satellite Systems, have partnered with Mezzo to deliver the channel via the Measat 3 satellite. Globecast will receive the signal for Mezzo Live HD Asia at its technical operations center in Paris. There, it will be sent over fiber to the company’s Hong Kong teleport for uplink onto the Measat 3 platform.

Mezzo Live HD Asia provides around-the-clock classical music, jazz, and dance. The channel broadcasts some of the world’s most prestigious concerts, operas, jazz, and ballet.

Originally broadcast in French, Mezzo Live HD Asia will be subtitled in 11 regional languages and adapted to the tastes of local markets in Asia to ensure it reaches the broadest audience across the region.