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2014 Dart Awards open for entries

The Dart Awards for Excellence in Coverage of Trauma honor innovative, ethical and effective reporting of human tragedy across all media platforms. The deadline to submit is Wednesday January 29, 2014.

Since 1994, the Dart Centre for Journalism & Trauma have run the Awards for Excellence, which honour reporting on the impact of violence, crime, disaster and other traumatic events, focusing on the experiences of victims and survivors and contributing to public understanding of trauma-related issues. 

The Awards encourage media coverage that goes beyond simple narratives about victims’ suffering and healing to more nuanced reporting that grapples with the complexity of trauma.

The Awards are judged by an interdisciplinary panel of journalists, mental health professionals, and victim advocates. The Awards are a team prize, recognizing and rewarding news organizations that make the special commitment necessary to produce such journalism.

Judges will select two finalists, each to be awarded a $5000 cash prize.

More information on the 2014 Awards as well as the Submission Guidelines can be found here.