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NHK launches second Hybridcast service

Japan’s national public broadcaster NHK has launched a second Hybridcast service for tablets and mobile devices.

Installation of its HybridcastLauncher app now links smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to TV sets with the Hybridcast function for accessing a wide range of program- related information.

NHK’s Hybridcast service started in September, bringing together broadcasting and communications, enabling broadcast digital TV to be integrated with Internet-based content to create a variety of services.

As well as the new second screen service, NHK has launched a free video clip service called “Minogashi-natsukashi” (Missed and Nostalgic). NHK says about 800 video clips of past news stories and 1 to 3-minute program digests can be watched on TV sets with Hybridcast functions.

“Besides videos related to on-air programs, the Broadcasting Year, program genre, region and other search functions lead users to the discovery of nostalgic news stories and programs,” the company says.

NHK Hybridcast website can be viewed here.