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ABC TV moves children’s programs off the main channel

Australia’s public broadcaster ABC has announced it will move all of its children’s TV programs from the main ABC1 channel to ABC3 and ABC4 Kids to give ABC1 more room for general entertainment content.

Programs will be moved in two stages, starting on February 2 with the Sunday morning and weekday afternoon children’s shows moving. Then from July 21, all educational programming shown on ABC1 weekday mornings will move to ABC3.

Dierdre Brennan, the new head of children’s television at ABC TV said the move would make it easier to find children’s content. 

“The uptake of digital TV has provided a unique opportunity to further strengthen our children’s destinations within the ABC TV portfolio. With fantastic programming that is now easier to find, ABC4Kids and ABC3 will continue to deliver entertaining and educational programs which preschoolers and school-aged children enjoy.”

Brendan Dahill, ABC TV’s head of programming added the ABC was maximising its assets.

“With digital switchover now complete we can take full advantage of the breadth of our channels to offer something for everyone during daytime. Kids will still get a full complement of programming on ABC4Kids and ABC3, whilst ABC1 will be providing general entertainment for our adult audiences and News 24 will broadcast rolling news coverage.”