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UK’s Heathrow airport to test glasses-free 3D displays for passengers

Heathrow airport is to become a testing ground for a new breed of glasses-free 3D display technology after airport bosses green lighted a scheme to aid passengers passing through security checkpoints at Terminal 1.

Harnessing Exceptional 3D’s patented auto-stereoscopic 3D system for the trial it will see flat panel displays installed capable of displaying high-definition 3D content without the need to wear specialised eyewear, The Drum reports.

These will be used to display information to travellers passing through hand luggage security, advising them of baggage restrictions and security.

Matthew Young, managing director for Exceptional 3D Europe said: “It’s very rewarding to help make a positive impact on the daily lives of so many as they endeavor on their worldly journey’s through Heathrow Airport. It’s our expectation that this will not only improve the traveller’s experience but also help minimize delays at necessary and very critical stages of air travel.”