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NHK World reveals new program line-up for 2014

Japan’s national public broadcaster NHK has announced what it calls a major revision to its international arm from April.

The broadcaster says NHK World TV in English will introduce programs in new genres, while increasing the total number of programs on air, “in our hope to further enrich the viewing experience”.

NHK is increasing the number of regular programs from 34 to 43, expanding in response to the diverse needs of viewers overseas. More than 70% of total programming will be about Japan and almost 80% will be original programs by NHK World TV.

The new line-up will include programs on Japanese films and Kabuki, areas previously difficult to offer on international broadcasting.

“We will also highlight Japan’s international contributions, so viewers will be able to learn more about what’s happening in this part of the world,” a corporate spokesperson says.

“We will enhance our capacity to transmit independent information from Japan and the rest of Asia, through coordination with NHK’s expanding global news network. In our regular news slots, we will incorporate a new economy/business segment from New York that will be aired at midnight Japan time.”

Major new programs will include Kabuki Kool featuring popular Japanese Kabuki performers, J-Flicks “to deliver the charm of Japanese films”, Japanology Plus, Side-by-Side highlighting Japan’s international assistance activities and Asia Music Network.