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RTB Brunei readies for DTV switchover

In preparation for its digital switchover, RTB, the state broadcaster of Brunei Darussalam, has upgraded to ETERE to manage its digital workflow, archive and subtitling production.

According to the broadcaster, ETERE Workflow will automatically manage all its media activities both reliably and efficiently, ensuring an easy transfer with the manufacturer’s Datamover and ETERE Hires Transcoder system. 

ETERE Ingest is used to capture media into GVG Profile video servers and digitize material stored in the tape archive. Captured files are submitted to an automated QC that includes an intelligent codec verification and proxy generation. 

RTB has also implemented a secure web portal based on EtereWeb, allowing users to remotely access major Etere’s media management functions as well as to smoothly deliver media material from Final Cut and Edius editing systems.