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ABU digital symposium “key event in Asia” for DRM

The Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) consortium says it has a strong presence once again at the ABU symposium in Kuala Lumpur, including a workshop on 6 March. 

“It is one of the premier digital events in Asia,” says a consortium spokesperson. “The ABU is a major promoter of the connected world and, with significant DRM developments underway in Asia; DBS is a key event for the DRM Consortium.”

The group is running a workshop entitled “DRM – Unique benefits for your needs”, to give DRM experts from members organisations such as Ampegon, BBC, Digidia, Fraunhofer iis and Nautel an opportunity to update participants on the latest technical and marketing developments.

Following the DRM workshop at the DBS in Kuala Lumpur, the focus of the consortium’s activities will move to the UK, where the spokesperson says preparations continue for the DRM General Assembly, “DRM in Action” at the BBC Headquarters in Central London on 26-27 March 2014.

“The consortium intends to make this the most inclusive event in its history,” says the spokesperson. “[It will be] a moment to consider the benefits of DRM and its progress, an affirmation of the power of digital radio.”

The first day of the DRM General Assembly will be open to all members and invited guests from the UK and abroad. To register for the Assembly, contact