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Euronews launches news service for Sony SmartWatch 2

Just days ahead of the Mobile World Congress, Euronews has announced that its news service is now available on the Sony SmartWatch2 via a free application.

The Euronews Express app allows users to receive Breaking News Alerts sent by the broadcaster. The Alert service is available in English or French to start with and will expand to all 13 languages currently used by Euronews. Users will also be able to fully customize their Alert experience. 

Michael Peters, CEO of Euronews said he is confident this is the right move that comes at the right time for the broadcaster. 

“I’m convinced this is the “smart” way to expand both our reach and our awareness worldwide in such a competitive market. Wearable devices perfectly answer one of our essential needs: to facilitate access to information for everyone in the world. Any connected screen is an opportunity to reach our audience. 

At Euronews, we all are proud to support such a powerful brand as Sony which has recognized both the editorial and product design qualities of Euronews’ offer.”

Made for Android, the Sony SmartWatch 2 is compatible with all Android mobile phones and interacts with them over Bluetooth.