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DBS industry debates to address critical broadcasting issues

Two of the most pressing issues facing broadcasters around the world – digitalisation and spectrum management – will be highlights of this year’s ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium in Malaysia.

Altogether, there will be 13 workshops and three days of conference sessions in Kuala Lumpur from 4-7 March 2014, but organisers say the debates on the big industry issues will be vitally important for the future of broadcasting in the Asia-Pacific and around the world.

Dr Amal Punchihewa, Director of ABU Technology, says the key Industry Debate on the fourth day of the conference will bring together many of the best experts in broadcasting today to talk about innovation and envision progress over the next three years.

“ASEAN, the Pacific and other sub-regions within our region can share their knowledge to address issues and challenges by transforming the opportunities available through digital transition and technological advancements,” he says. 

Dr Punchihewa says other issues such as alternative delivery platforms and the management of spectrum during digitalisation are also crucial and will be thoroughly debated. 

ABU Secretary-General Dr Javad Mottaghi believes it is important for the region’s broadcasters to get the balance right for their own countries because broadcasting has a strong future.

“While we are taking advantage of emerging platforms, we should not underestimate the strength of broadcasting,” he says. “It is still the most efficient and effective way of reaching mass audiences for some of our content. Over-the-air services will remain a robust form of delivery for both radio and television for many years to come. Harmonised digital radio and television services will ensure that people have access to data or information irrespective of technological platforms.”

DR Mottaghi urged all broadcasters concerned about the future of their industry to attend DBS2014. More details and registration information is available at the conference website.