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Second international song festival highlights RadioAsia2014

The second ABU Radio Song Festival gala awards night will provide one of the highlights of the RadioAsia2014 conference in Sri Lanka in May.

Organisers say the final list of performers will be selected from the many entries around the Asia-Pacific and an international judging panel will reveal the top three acts at the gala evening on Friday 23 May in Colombo.

“With an incredible array of talent, style and musical abilities on show, selection for the finalists will be difficult,” says Mrs Vijay Sadhu, ABU Senior Executive for Radio and Festival Coordinator. 

Radio’s unique qualities in providing musical and spoken word entertainment will be further underlined at RadioAsia2014 through a co-hosting opportunity with the prestigious ABU Radio Song Festival.”

Mrs Sadhu says RadioAsia2014 will showcase the importance and creativity of radio programming and content in satisfying listening audience expectations and accessing audiences in the Knowledge Society on all relevant technological platforms.

“In a meeting of minds, radio programmers and executives from across the commercial and public service broadcasting spectrum will share the exciting new ideas which are enabling radio to continue to re-invent itself to meet the challenges and requirements of the changing audience environment,” she says.

The conference, workshops and eight formal sessions will run over three days from 22-24 May 2014. More information can be found at the conference website.