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Special NHK programs mark third anniversary of Japan earthquake and tsunami

Three years after the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan that killed almost 16,000 people and sparked the Fukushima nuclear crisis, Japan’s national public service broadcaster NHK has scheduled special TV and radio programs about the lives of those affected.

The Great East Japan Earthquake on 11 March 2011 also left more than 6,000 people inured and almost 3,000 missing and destroyed or damaged more than a million buildings.

Now NHK World on TV and radio services will focus on the lives of those who live in the disaster-affected areas and on continued global efforts for reconstruction assistance. 

Prior to 11 March, they will air features on the latest situation in the affected areas and on reconstruction efforts. A special program will focus on the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, the extent of damage and the challenges of the decommissioning process with a live report from J-Village, a national training centre in Fukushima Prefecture.

On the anniversary itself there will be reports from various affected areas, including a live report from Minamisanriku town in Miyagi Prefecture. There will be an extended one-hour program titled “Path to Recovery: Three years on”, with live reports from Minamisanriku town, Miyagi Prefecture and the National Theatre, Tokyo, where a memorial service sponsored by the government will be held. 

In the following week, and with the aim of making a difference through music, musicians who supported disaster-affected areas from immediately after the earthquake, including a Grammy award-winning jazz pianist, will play three charity concerts around the world.

There will also be special programs in 17 languages on scenes from Japan from foreigners’ perspectives and programs focusing on children living in affected-areas, people working on reconstruction and the current situation at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.