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UK publishes spectrum policy paper

The significance to the use of radio spectrum have been assessed as ‘Medium’ in the long-awaited UK Spectrum Strategy policy paper published by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

Digital TV Europe reports that the significance of radio broadcasting is described as ‘low’, while mobile and wireless data is placed as high.

“Spectrum is hugely valuable. In economic terms it is already worth over  £50bn a year to the UK economy. We are confident that we can grow that value from spectrum’s direct use significantly and the indirect impact on businesses which rely on communications will multiply the effect on economic growth,” said culture minister Ed Vaizey.

Spectrum pricing remains on the agenda with the government promising to set out by March 2014 which Government Departments will pay for the spectrum they need. Already Ofcom has considered the possibility of spectrum charging for broadcast services.

The UK Government says it will ensure all stakeholders including the Ministry of Defence and Ofcom will work in tandem.

For more information see The UK Spectrum Strategy.