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Thailand begins DTT transmissions

Satellite operator Thaicom began digital terrestrial television (DTT) transmissions in Thailand this week to comply with the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission’s (NBTC) ‘must carry’ rule.

Thaicom says it has worked closely with TV platform and set-top box (STB) providers to rearrange channel numbers to support satellite transmissions for digital TV channels and bring an improved viewing experience.

“Thaicom recognises that this is an important step for Thailand’s broadcasting industry, and we are well prepared for this new change,” said Paiboon Panuwattanawong, CTO, Thaicom. “We are supporting growth of the broadcasting industry to ensure smooth transition from analogue to digital.”

The first phase of DTT broadcasting will be aimed at viewers receiving C-band broadcasts from Thaicom’s satellites, with the second phase accommodating those receiving Ku-band signals.

According to Nielsen, 69 per cent of Thailand’s 22 million households now have cable or satellite TV set-top boxes, reports.