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BBC Indonesia ramps up programming leading up to elections

BBC Indonesia has expanded its radio schedule for the next six months with the addition of the “dawn” news program Dunia Pagi Ini (The World This Morning). 

BBC World Service East Asia Hub Editor, Giang Nguyen, comments:  “As Indonesia is moving towards its parliamentary and presidential elections this summer, the BBC Indonesia team worked hard to produce a concise, dynamic news program which will set the day’s news agenda for our radio audiences across the country. It will be aired in this format until end of September.”

Dunia Pagi Ini also covers Indonesia’s social media scene by showcasing some of the most interesting online conversations.  Nguyen adds:  “The strong social-media element opens the program up to a lively conversation between us and our audiences.”

It is streamed live on as it goes on air from its London studio in the BBC’s New Broadcasting House.  Each program will also be available on demand till the next broadcast.  Archived editions can be downloaded as podcasts.