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MCOT-Thailand promotes DTV through its own HD Box

MCOT, as well as a number Thai non-commercial networks, began transmitting terrestrial-based digital TV (DTV) programs on Monday, the first day of the three-week DTV broadcast trial.

Households with compatible devices in four provinces of the country will be able to view DTV during the trial period, from April 1-24, as set by the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC).

The programs are also simulcast on cable and satellite TV along with the existing analogue signal, NBTC secretary Thakorn Tansathit said.

From the first four provinces – Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Nakhon Ratchasima and Songkhla, the area of service will expand to cover 11 provinces in June.

On the occasion of launching its digital TV networks, MCOT also started distributing its HD Set Top Box in an event in Bangkok. 

Citing a recent survey on the digital era of broadcasting, MCOT president Anek Permwongseni said the broadcaster wished to promote public learning about digital TV in this important transition period.

MCOT HD Box was an excellent way to experience HD technology, he said.

MCOT sets a sale target of its set top box at Bt2 million in the first year, and generating about Bt800 million within three year.

Two digital TV networks operated on non-commercial basis belonging to the Army as well as Thai PBS also started testing its system on Monday.  The NTBC has said it will officially grant licenses to all 24 commercial digital TV channels on April 25.