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Pakistan’s Pashto 1 TV launches on AsiaSat 7

Pakistan’s  free to air  entertainment channel, Pashto 1, has commenced broadcasting on AsiaSat 7 this week.

The channel serves the large Pashto-speaking population in Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Middle East, and other regions covered by the satellite’s C-band footprint. Pashto 1 offers general entertainment programming, including drama, music and culture. 

“Joining AsiaSat 7’s excellent South Asian TV neighbourhood provides us with an exciting opportunity to widen our reach beyond our local community to a larger audience across the Asia-Pacific region,” said Saif ur Rehman Akazai, Chief Operating Officer of Pashto 1.

“We welcome Pashto 1 to the AsiaSat family of premium South Asian programming. Pashto 1 helps us expand our lineup of local language television services onboard our fleet, providing more choices to various ethnic groups living and working across the Asia-Pacific region,” said William Wade, President and Chief Executive Officer of AsiaSat.